Wanted Singers and Bands for AuthorsOwn projects

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Attention Singers and Bands!

We at AuthorsOwn.com are in search of talented singers, bands and music directors for our various projects of songs.

We need innovative people who can convert lyrics into soulful music. Lyrics and original copyrighted artwork of authors, the contract for which would be awarded to the most deserving solo performer or team.

Our target is to release an MP3 of such songs followed by animated video for YouTube release and then finally a solo video album for the select song.


How to Participate:

1 - Please get registered at FB of AuthorsOwn here (https://www.facebook.com/AuthorsOwn/)

2 - Send us your Email ID or Contact details at AuthorsOwn@Gmail.com

3 - We'll send you lyrics as per your genre.

4 - Sing, compose, record a raw version of it and send us at above E Mail ID.

5 - We'll share this on our FB page.

6 - The song getting highest likes (collectively from our all portals) would be offered the final contract to record.

NOTE: All the recorded sample would be property of AuthorsOwn and participant/s would be solely responsible for any liability arising out of it.

For music creators..
with Love..
Team AuthorsOwn