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AuthorsOwn Book Novel promotions and marketing
 Book Promotions and Marketing 

AuthorsOwn™ connects Authors, Editors, Publishers, Distributors and Readers. We promote your masterpieces of writing. Happy Writing.. Happy Sharing.. :)
WHO we are:
We connect Authors, Editors, Publishers, Distributors and Readers. It is India’s first User-driven portal where anyone can SHARE or FIND any information relating to BOOKS or any services relating to books. So take a step and promote yourself.. Happy Writing.. Happy Sharing.. 
Our Mission:
Our mission is to create Easy and Transparent platform for all in writing industry. Further we offer special Launchpad for Indie Authors.
What we offer:
We at Authors’ Own™ offer free platform to connect Authors, Readers, Publishers and Distributors. Authors can promote themselves here and reach a wider audience.

How to use:
Send us your master piece at AuthorsOwn@gmail.com and start sharing.. start talking to the world..


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