#CityTimes and other #poems by #VihangNaik #AuthorsOwn #AOReviews

Lost in the fancy false starry lights of a city? This book is a perfect blend of event describing the existence and way to connect back. "City Times and Other Poems" by Vihang A. Naik is a perfect blend of a city in all its shades, glories and miseries.
#CityTimes and other #poems by #VihangNaik #AuthorsOwn #AOReviews
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AuthorsOwn reviews "City times and other poems":
The uniqueness in the style of the poems of an author by expressing the whole world of emotions in few words is what Mr. Naik has reached through his "City Times and Other Poems". There are poems catering to different topics in the book that address minutely exuberance the reader feels while going through each word in the poem. "Eyes", "City Voice" and "Do not touch rainbow" are one of the best poems par excellence. Use of words like "Moon Bleached City" in the poem "Midnight City" etc. bring the whole of the home town in imagination of the readers which is beyond expectations. Reader feels connected to the poems, where every word is a story in itself. "City Times.." rocks. #AuthorsOwn.

Other reviews for the collection of his poems are as follows:
  • I loved the collection and Subtitles use in the poems… The poems are a wonderful form of literature. There was so much depth in each poem. The poet takes us to the city life in general. The emptiness, The ignored aspect of Citylife. The readers are very much connected to each and every poem. . .” -Himani Gupta. (Source).
  • Being avid reader and lover of poem, this collection was like a bliss to me. .” -Sonal Agrawal. (Source).
  • It can be asserted only after going through the poems of Vihang A. Naik’s City Times and Other Poems. The simple yet poetic expression of this modern age poet has brought forward the real image of...” -Shashikant Nishant Sharma. (Source).
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